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A letter from Deb, owner of Boutiques and More

I married Randy, age 46, in 2001.  The first few years, our lives together were pretty average.  In 2004, Randy developed breathing difficulties after pleurisy. After seeing 17 doctors, and no diagnosis, he was tested for Sleep Apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine. In November 2005, he began his position as a Senior Business Analysis for a large Minneapolis Company.  In March of 2006, his breathing difficulties began again; he couldn’t catch his breath and hyperventilated 24/7.  After a trip to Mayo Clinic, Randy was diagnosed with "Restrictive Lung Disease".  He could not return to work.

In May 2007, his breathing difficulty had not improved, I scheduled another Doctor appointment.  Upon examination, the Doctor ordered several tests since Randy’s diaphragm appeared to have some paralysis. Randy was referred to a Neuromuscular Neurologist.  In July 2007, as I sat in the EMG room with Randy, the Doctor turned and said, "This is a difficult discussion to have; I think your husband probably has ALS, more commonly known as  Lou Gehrig’s disease. We won’t know until we do the muscle biopsy of the arm tomorrow, since that’s where I see the most abnormal nerve movement. Your case will be forwarded to the ALS Clinic at the University of Minnesota."

Randy’s ALS was undetectable for almost three years.  2013 is here  and I am so blessed, Randy has ONLY lost some function in his left leg, right hand and arm, reduced pulmonary function, and extreme fatigue.  We have surpassed the average 6 months to eighteen month of live, seven years since the diagnosis we are blessed with each new day of life.

I donated my first quilt to "Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge" in July 2010.  Partnering with Quilter’s Dream Batting and ALS Association to raise funds for research and treatment.

Deb Spraggins, Randy’s wife

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